Mother’s Day gift ideas for mom’s who love to bake!

Let’s treat our moms!

Our moms are often the ones that we count on to take care of us, to teach us, to nourish us. Mother’s Day is one of those special days where we have the opportunity to give back to these amazing, loving, and hardworking women. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with gift ideas for how best to treat these wonderful women in our lives. That’s where we would like to offer a helping hand. Below are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas for what you can do for your mom this year.

1.) If your mom loves to bake, and try new recipes, a monthly subscription to Bake Eat Love would be a special treat. She would receive a new recipe every month, pre-measured non-perishable ingredients, a baking tool for the recipe, and a recipe card that she can add to her recipe box to make time and time again. We have some great recipes coming up that would be sure to put a smile on any mom’s face.

2.) Why not bake with your mom? It is a great opportunity to create memories, and maybe even start new traditions. We have some great recipes that would be a delicious and fun activity to do with her. There might be a recipe that you have always wanted to learn how to make but didn’t think you could, like macarons or eclairs. Maybe get two different recipes and challenge each other to a bake off for some family friendly competition. Check out our one-time boxes to choose which delicious recipe to bake!

3.) Give mom the day off and get the kids to help make breakfast in bed, or a nice brunch! We have a great recipe for beignets that would be the perfect addition to any brunch. You can find the recipe on our blog here, along with great tips and tricks on how to make the perfect beignets. Want to simplify it even further? Order one of our beignet boxes with pre-measured, non-perishable ingredients, and a frying thermometer so you can fry these melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts to perfection.

4.) Feeling crafty? Create a one-of-a-kind, personalized recipe box or book for your mom. It is a wonderful keepsake that she can put all of her favorite baking recipes in for safe keeping.

We hope everyone has a wonderful and sweet Mother’s Day. Happy baking!

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