How to make coulis

What is Coulis? Coulis is a French word that is pronounced (Koo-Lee) and translates to “strained liquid.” It is a puree of vegetables or fruit …

How to Make Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

These cupcakes are perfect for Easter and springtime. They are easy to make and a fun activity for kids and adults of all ages. The frosting is dipped into toasted coconut and candy eggs are added to the center for a cute egg scene. Egg shaped whoppers, Robin’s eggs, or even jelly beans can be used as the eggs.

How to Make Boozy Cupcakes

We’ll show you how to spike piña colada cupcakes by adding rum to coconut whipped frosting. You can substitute your favorite flavors and liquor or liqueur to make all sorts of boozy cupcakes!

How to Make Flower Cupcakes with Candy Melts

Adding white chocolate flower petals to your cupcakes is a fun and easy way to dress them up. Flower cupcakes are perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or just because. The next time you want to bring flowers to a friend, consider whipping up a batch of flower cupcakes! We bet your friend will be surprised and excited for this special treat.

How to Make Galactic Ice Cream Sandwiches

These colorful, galactic ice cream sandwiches are perfect for outer space themed birthday parties or just because! The recipe is easy to make and is engaging for kids (and adults!). No ice cream machine is needed.