Bake Eat Love: The Gift that keeps on Giving

How to get the best use out of your baking tools

Every baker knows that having the right tools in the kitchen can elevate your bakes to the next level. When creating our recipes at Bake Eat Love, we are brainstorming the perfect kitchen gift to include in each box to not only use for that recipe, but also one that is versatile and will be a great addition to your kitchen toolbox. We are taking you on a journey through the past eight months of Bake Eat Love kitchen gifts to explore all the great ways you can use these tools.

January 2022: Marble Silicone Spatula

We used this marble silicone spatula to stir the batter for the Red Velvet Lava cake recipe, but this spatula is a great multipurpose tool that can be used time and time again! Below are a few ideas on how you can use this great tool.

  • Use this spatula to fold ingredients into whipped cream
  • This spatula is heat resistant and can be used to stir ingredients on the stove
  • Use this spatula on stainless cookware and non-stick cookware
  • This spatula is great for scraping around bowls while mixing ingredients
  • It’s also great for adding ingredients into piping bags
  • You can use this spatula to dollop and spread frosting and cream on cakes

February 2022: Deep Fry/Candy Thermometer

We used this tool to check that the temperature of the milk was just right before adding our yeast, and to make sure our frying oil was at the perfect temperature for frying the Beignets. Check out some other ways to use this handy tool!

  • Use this thermometer when making caramel sauce to ensure that your mixture has reached the right temperature before taking it off the heat
  • When tempering chocolate for decorative curls it’s important to know the temperature of the chocolate during this process to make sure it sets up properly
  • This thermometer is also great to check the temperature of ice cream and gelato bases while cooking. These bases should ideally reach a temperature between 170-180 degrees F to achieve the proper thickness
  • When making toffee and fudge it is important to cook your mixture to just the right temperature to ensure it sets up properly

March 2022: French Star and Bismarck piping tips

We used the French star piping tip to pipe the perfect eclairs. The Bismarck piping tip helped us fill our eclairs with delicious pastry cream! What are some other great uses for these two piping tips?

  • The Bismarck tip is great for filling cupcakes and doughnuts with cream, pudding, and jams. This tip allows you to fill these treats to perfection without leaving a big hole.
  • The French star tip can be used to pipe churros and other types of doughnuts
  • The French star tip is also great for decorating cakes and cupcakes with icing and whip cream

April 2022: Zester

We used this tool to perfectly zest an orange for the Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes! Adding zest to baked goods and savory dishes is a great way to boost flavor! Other great ways to use your zester:

  • The fine grain on this zester is great for grating fresh ginger and garlic. When adding fresh ginger into a cake it is ideal if it is finely grated so it mixes throughout the batter, and no one gets a big bite of spicy ginger. The same is true when adding garlic to a vinaigrette
  • This zester can be used to grate whole spices, like nutmeg
  • Use this zester to finely grate cheese into dishes or as a finishing touch

May 2022: Maple Wood Rolling Pin

We used this custom rolling pin to roll out the sticky bun dough for the Bananas Foster Sticky Buns! Rolling pins in different shapes and sizes are a great tool to have in your kitchen. Wooden tools are great to use in the kitchen because wood contains natural bacterial-killing properties. Check out some other great uses for this rolling pin.

  • Use this rolling pin to crush candy, nuts, or cookies for recipes. Place the ingredients in a zip lock bag that you would like to crush and roll your rolling pin over them to crush them to the desired size.
  • The size of this rolling pin is ideal for rolling dumping wrappers!
  • This size rolling pin is great for rolling out fondant, and molding chocolate for decorating cakes and cupcakes!
  • You can also use this rolling pin to shape tulies and other thin lacy cookies.

June 2022: Closed Star Piping Tip

We used the closed star piping tip to pipe perfect rosettes on top of the Peach Cobbler Cupcakes! This piping tip is a must have for decorating! A classic tip for piping rosettes on cupcakes, cakes and cookies. What other kinds of designs can I make using the closed star piping tip?

  • Swirls
  • Stars
  • Pinwheels

July 2022: Mini Strainer

We used this strainer to make a nice smooth strawberry coulis to go on top of the Strawberry Lemonade Mousse Tarts!

  • Use this mini strainer to sift powdered sugar or cocoa powder over finished baked goods
  • You can use the mini strainer to strain loose tea
  • Juice lemons into this strainer over a bowl to strain out the lemon seeds
  • Use this strainer to finely dust flour over your cutting board to roll out dough

August 2022: 806 Round Piping Tip

We used the round piping tip to pipe the perfect choux puffs, and to fill our profiteroles with coconut ice cream. What are some other great uses for this piping tip?

  • This tip is great for piping swirls and dots on cupcakes and cookies
  • Use this tip when making gnocchi. Place your tip in a piping bag and add your gnocchi dough. Bring a pot of water to a boil and squeeze out about one-inch pieces of dough and cut with scissors or a knife into the water to create the perfect sized gnocchi
  • This piping tip is great for filling larger doughnuts or pastries with jam or cream

At Bake Eat Love, we enjoy picking out the kitchen gift each month and hope you enjoy using them. What have you used your kitchen gifts for?

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