Turn any recipe into a date night!

Date night looks different these days. Instead of going to fancy restaurants or traveling to a destination, we’re dining in – kids and all!

This Valentine’s Day, why not whip up a fancy pants dessert with your Valentine? Crazy thought.. maybe even after your kids’ bedtime. Here are 3 ways to level up your baking date night:

  1. Bake blindfolded – It may sounds a little odd, but hang with us! Grab a handkerchief and choose the better chef to keep their eyes open. The seeing chef will guide their blindfolded partner through the recipe. It’s amazing how different and fun baking is when someone is guiding you on each of the steps! The partner who is keeping eyes open will read each step aloud and use their hands to help the blind folded baker to measure, pour, mix, roll, etc. each ingredient.
  2. Hold a bake off – Start your date off with some healthy competition. Whether you feel like a pro baker…or not, this concept will have you and your partner impressed with each others work. Or having big belly laughs together if you really “nailed it.” Bonus: With this date night, you can make two different desserts and treat yourselves to both!
  3. Make it boozy – Have a little extra rum or vodka? A tablespoon (or two) can be added to most frosting recipes.
    • How to make buttercream frostings boozy: Cream the butter per your recipe’s instructions. If your recipe calls for adding a liquid (other than an extract or dye – you’ll want to keep the extract or dye as it is to get the flavor and color you’re going for), substitute the liquid with 1-2 tablespoons of booze.
    • How to make whipped cream frostings boozy: Add the whipping cream and powdered sugar per your recipe’s instructions. When your whipped cream reaches soft peaks, add 1 tablespoon of your favorite booze and whip until the whipped cream thickens to your desired texture.

Cheers to your next date night!

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